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Module5 is a SPA—installable as a WordPress plugin—which is completely controlled via the URL, making different app states very easy to bookmark, share, and navigable via back- and forward buttons

I created Module5 to quickly and intuitively create floor plan pages for apartment websites, integrating with all 3rd party availability APIs, site maps, and more! It is configurable for a variety of layouts, comparative features, and creates individual SEO-friendly pages for each floor plan.

It also features fun and clever maths to dynamically insert elements in the right position depending on screen sizes!

Module5 has seen production use for many years, and is currently in major version 5! As such, it as seen widespread in over 100 websites, active and retired, built on various themes, and varying layouts.

Some standout examples_

Layouts sharing a theme_

Example with price–slider instead of dropdown, with live prices from 3rd party API_

With building-selector, which also talks to the integrated 3rd party site map_

More examples built on the same theme_